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About Us pat-bruce-home-inspector

Are you looking for the best home inspection service in Ohio?

After years of inspecting houses around Ohio and rehabbing them for his own real estate business, Pat Bruce founded Master Building Inspectors to take the worry out of buying a home.

We began to transfer over from our general contracting business in 2012. We worked chiefly in the areas of plumbing, electric, and garage doors through the years with Bruce Home Services.

However, we realized that it was time to verify what we knew from some other training as we worked with many people on a remedy to close projects for home sales. As soon as we did, we could not believe some of what we found in the area of home inspections.  Not only has poor workmanship bothered us in the repair world, but it enhanced our ability to find deficiencies quickly in inspections.  Now the passion has continued to grow into building a business to protect homeowners and prepare sellers for the process.

So what do we check? We’re going to inspect every inch of the property including the roof, structural, electrical, air conditioning, and plumbing. We climb in the attic unless there is absolutely no room. We also check the interior and the exterior, including pools and sprinkler systems. Definitely, we will notify you of every item that has a concern.

Our home inspection reports are easy to read.

You will receive a detailed professional home inspection report within 24-hours of the inspection. There will be a photo and a description of generally every item that needs concern. Remember, there can be major issues in homes that look gorgeous, and we will surely be looking for them. Also, it would not be surprising if we find 30 to 40 items that need attention. Most of these will be minor, but we include them, so you know what you are buying. A lot of maintenance gets neglected on houses, and usually, they are effortless to fix. Our home inspection reports are very comprehensive. We also include a summary of items that need repairing. So if you plan to ask them to do the repairs or give you credit, you can easily provide that to the Seller. If you need the best home inspection in the Ohio area, make the wise move and contact Master Building Inspectors. You can schedule online or call (937) 565-4483

We are committed to client satisfaction, which is why we are prepared to offer our Guarantee.


We are recommended as one of the most trusted home inspection companies in Columbus and the surrounding areas. Our licensed professionals will thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the home or property you are looking to buy.

Since 2012, Master Building Inspectors has been committed to providing home inspection services, nothing short of professional. Our onsite verbal delivery and the emailed report will be delivered following the home inspection. Our inspection report will alert you of any health, or safety issues and maintenance needs of the home you’re looking to purchase.

At Master Building Inspectors, “Your Peace of Mind is Our Business.