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Whether you’re buying a Building & Commercial Space, leasing, or just wondering about the condition of the one you’re in, there is no better investment than obtaining a professional and objective opinion of the building’s condition.

Commercial Building Inspections reports are customized to meet our clients’ requirements. In some cases, a “bottom line” approach is called for, while in others, “chapter and verse” is more appropriate. Furthermore, content and format are dictated by how the report is to be used and its intended audience.

Whatever the form, our reports are laid out in clear, concise language that outlines problems or potential trouble areas. Hence, Schedule your Commercial Inspections Columbus Today!

Our reports can make specific recommendations, including repair costs and priorities.

Our commercial inspections aim to be in accordance with ASTM E 2018 professional standards. Furthermore, an international non-profit testing and assessment organization designs the ASTM E 2018 Standard to provide basic property information for commercial structures.

We Inspect, Detect And Protect Your Best Interest

Commercial Building Inspections Properties of all descriptions are evaluated including:

Special use buildings. Such as, sports complexes and nursing homes are also among the projects we have completed.

Different Situations Demand Different Inspections, For Example:

Pre-Lease (Lessor or Lessee)
Technical Audits of Buildings
Long Term Planning
Reserve Fund Study
Problem Resolution

Variables such as age, occupancy and type of construction have a bearing on how the buildings are examine and the performance criteria by which they are judge. Our clients’ needs dictate the degree of inspection and address specific issues. Hence, schedule your Commercial Inspections Columbus Today! Inspections can vary from an examination of the structure or roof only to a comprehensive inspection of all technical facets of the building, including:

Major Mechanical Systems

Our services come with a comprehensive report – detailing all the findings and the next steps a homeowner must do like referring an electrical issue to a registered electrician or a busted pump to a licensed plumber. All this we do to make the home inspection, buying, and selling process as smooth as possible for you. Call (614) 328-5105 Today!

“Our inspector was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The results of our inspection were presented in a thorough, easy to understand format immediately following, and the in-depth inspection information was provided in a timely manner electronically afterward. We would highly recommend Master Building Inspectors to family, friends, and co-workers. All in all a great experience”

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master-home-inspectors_logoMaster Building Inspectors | The cost of a pre-purchase home inspection is determined by many factors including square footage, age, the presence of multiple HVAC systems and whether there is a basement or crawl space.

Once you sign that contract on the home of your dreams be sure to call our office to place your order for ‘Home Inspection’ and to request a price quote for your home. Hence, schedule your Home Inspection Columbus Today!

Top Ohio Home Inspection Company. Let this experienced Ohio Home Inspection company help keep you from buying The Money Pit. We’ll alert you to any and all health or safety issues. As well as, maintenance needs of the home you’re looking to buy.

Master Building Inspectors will be your home buying or selling advocate! Committed to providing you with outstanding service. Highly experienced and extremely thorough. Hence, If you’re looking to buy or sell in the Ohio area, we can help!

Pat Bruce owns and operates Master Building Inspectors. He has a Professional License and is a Certified Home Inspector. Furthermore, he takes pride in his commitment to following high standards. As well as, providing professional service to all of our customers.

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